Live Fearless Campaigns
The main go-to-market multi-channel media campaign supporting brand and member acquisition. The Live Fearless positioning, guidelines and some elements had been established but we had a lot of freedom and responsibility to shape the campaigns and details.
My responsibilities varied some with differing requirements and resources over four years and included strategy, concepting and collaboration, photo selection, designing and producing countless creative and tactic versions as well as all required asset sizes for multiple message phases.
Examples of campaign elements from the 2018 campaign (in-market late 2017) focused on the Medicare audience. Digital display banners, landing page, newspaper print ads and TV commercial are featured. The campaign also included radio, native, social media, premium site, enewsletter ads and A/B testing.
My responsibilities this year also included photo art direction of still photography during the commercial shoot for our highest level of customizing and localizing of the campaign as well as collaboration on the TV spot and on-screen graphics.

© Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Examples of elements from previous years of this campaign: billboards, newspaper and magazine print ads, digital display banners, and bus shelter ad.
© Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota