As a child I was given a vintage megaphone embellished with an  A .
That gift cemented my love for the first letter of the alphabet.
First Letter Studios is named for this, my favorite letter.
I am Ashley, a designer and photographer.
I earned a bachelor's degree in graphic design from the Art Institutes International Minnesota and have been working as a designer and art director in Minneapolis for a lot of years. Making photographs is a passion of mine. I feel lucky to have traveled the world, attended events and met many people and pets, all with my camera close to my eye.
While the process and technology involved in making designs and photographs
is very different, I bring the same eye for composition and detail to both.
This website includes projects I've done for clients as well as myself.
I'm not sure what the  A  meant for the original owner of
the megaphone but it has come to mean a lot for me.

If you're here for my resumé, it's just a click away.